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Pen drawings.
Although i am not completely dedicated to the art of illustrations, i have a small selection of styles in which i am very confident. Drawing with very thin marker pens is one of them.

I usually use a 00.5 mm marker pen for these drawings which allows for an unusual amount of details. What fascinates me about this technique, is that a single line matters so very little. It is the combination of thousands upon thousands of lines that creates the look and feel of the drawings, and not just a single perfectly made stroke of the pen.

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3D building - The Modular Way
The results of a school course in building modular structures in 3D Studio Max.

Modular 3D building centers around the idea of creating modular building blocks, instead of individual objects with only a single use. The method allows for objects to be connected in a multitude of ways, not completely unlike the way you would build with LEGO Bricks. Instead of building one house, which looks a certain way, the blocks can create several types of houses from the same type of blocks.

When creating large game worlds and environments, this can drastically reduce the time required to build a scene. The detail and personality that is 'lost' in using this method, comes back when the whole scene is created, as you now have more time to optimize and create the right mood.

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