Young Creative Circle Awards 2012
Teamwork with Tobias Løvschall-Wedel

The Pedigree Adoption Drive

When people consider getting a dog, they most likely consider getting a puppy. This is often due to the enormous cuteness factor inherent in dog.
Not helping this fact is that people usually have many prejudices about adopted dogs.
They think adopted dogs are sick, unclean, without race or pedigree and that they come from bad homes. In reality, adopted dogs are often race dogs with a pedigree. 98 % of the dogs are healthy and come from very normal homes. And on top of this – adopting a dog would also mean that the dog is already trained. Basically meaning less piss on the floor and smashed kitchens, compared to a cute puppy.

Draw attention to the many benefits of adopting a dog instead of getting a puppy.

Creative solution 1: 'Inbreeding'
Draw attention to adopting a dog with personality, instead of just choosing by genes and race - where the Danish Count Ingolf is a prime example of inbreeding gone wrong.
Photo of Count Ingolf by Sonny Munk Carlsen

Creative solution 2: 'We <3 Racism'
Use multiple insights to draw attention with a provoking line. First of all, the line draws recognition from the classic 'I<3NY' statement. Secondly it refers to peoples fanatic fascination with race dogs with a pedigree.
Thirdly, it uses these references to make the point that you can actually adopt a race dog - pedigree and all.